Arabic short and long vowels

Arabic short and long vowels can be confusing for some beginners, they are also called "diacritics" by some. Short vowels are basically little symbols or marks above or below letters that determine the way this letter is pronounced and connected with the surrounding letters.
Vowels are of special importance for those who want to learn to read the Quran and sometimes it is used as a way to exercise.

They also determine the position of the word (subject, object, etc) and have so much to do with grammar but this isn't important at the beginners' stage. I found these 2 videos on youtube by a girl called Maha whome I think has succeeded in describing the topic in a very simple way. The important thing to remember is that you should practice a lot, try reading and spelling paragraphs in Arabic and also try to watch the related videos if you can.

Good luck :).

Arabic adjectives list

Here is an Arabic adjectives list to help you know some of the very common and most used adjectives in Arabic. This is for beginners so I won't bother you with plural forms because they change with the position of the word.
The adjectives are in masculine form, for the feminine form of most of them you will just add "ah" ـة
at the end for example:
Tall (in hight) = طويل (Masculin). The feminine form is طويلة.

Here we go:

Short قصير
Long طويل
Beautiful جميل
Sad حزين
Happy سعيد
Angry غاضب
Silent صامت
Quite هاديء
worried قلق
Tense متوتر
Brave شجاع
Big كبير
Small صغير
Shy خجول
Generous كريم
Fat سمين
Thin نجيف
New جديد
Old قديم
Expensive غال
Cheap رخيص
Comfortable مريح
Dark مظلم
Bright مضيء
Hot ساخن
Cold بارد
Delicious لذيذ
Masculine مذكر
Feminine مؤنث
Alive حي
Dead ميت
Sick مريض
Safe آمن
Different مختلف
Young شاب
Boring ممل
Married متزوج
Favorite مفضل
Serious جاد
Polite مهذب
Funny مضحك
Soft طري
Hard جامد
Sharp حاد
Heavy ثقيل
Light خفيف
Deep عميق
Lazy كسول
Active نشيط
Wide واسع
Narrow ضيق
Important هام
Trivial تافه
Respectful محترم
Clean نظيف
Dirty قذئ
Perfect مثالي
Easy صعل
Difficult صعب
Moderate متوسط
Stupid غبي
Smart ذكي
Arrogant مغرور
Wise حكيم
Proud فخور
Humble متواضع
Loud صاخب
Fast سريع
Slow بطيء
Poor فقير
Rich غني
Honest صادق
Much كثير
Little قليل

This is just a short list, if you have more in mind or wish to request more, feel free to ask in the comments section. I hope this list of Arabic adjectives was helpful.