Thank you in Arabic

شكرا باللغة العربية
So, how do you say thank you in Arabic? This is one of the important phrases you need to know and the good thing is it is very easy and similar in many Arab countries.

"Shukran" شكرا means thank you in Arabic. "Shukran gazilan" شكرا جزيلا means thank you very much or many thanks. It is the same in Egyptian Arabic and standard Arabic as well as many other dialects too.

More examples and variations:
"Shukran lak" شكرا لك =
"Shokran le Ahmed" شكرا لأحمد = Thanks to Ahmed.
"Ored an Ashkor Ahmed" أريد أن أشكر أحمد
"Oqadem shokry le Ahmed" أقدم شكري لأحمد
"Khales ashokr le James" خالص الشكر لجيمس

To thank God we use another word in Arabic which is الحمد لله "alhamdolellah".

Another way to say thank you is like this: "Thank you for what you did" : Ashkoroka a'ala ma faalt أشكرك على ما فعلت
If you are wondering how to say (No, Thanks) it is "La, shokran" لا شكرا

Variations of the word:
In some gulf countries you can also use "Mashkour" which have the same meaning.
In Egypt you can also say: "Motshaker", meaning "I'm thankful". Also "alf shokr" ألف شكر means "a thousand thanks".
In Syria you can also use : "mamnoun" but shukran is also more common.
Muslims commonly use "Jazak allah khairan" جزاك الله خيرا  which is like 'God bless you' (it literally means may God reward you).
By Alao, via flickr.

Arabs often associate a gesture with "Shukran" to stress the "thank you" idea or to add respect to it such as touching the chest or touching the head or prolonged handshaking.

The answer to thank you in Arabic is العفو "alafw". Also, you can use: لا شكر على واجب "La shokr ala wajeb" which means don't mention it or literally "don't thank me for my duty" or in Egyptian dialect إنت تؤمر "enta to'omor" which is like at your service.

Here is a video I found on youtube to demonstrate the pronunciation of thank you in Arabic:

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